cooperation slang of GitHub [transl.]

Summarize the following acronyms commonly used when interacting on GitHub, for reference only.

-PR: Pull Request.

Pull request, submit code to other projects

-LGTM: Looks Good To Me.

The code has been reviewed and can be merged

-SGTM: Sounds Good To Me.

It has the same meaning as the above sentence, and it also means that it has passed review

-WIP: Work In Progress.

According to the legend, the best practice for PR is that if you have a PR that has changed a lot, you can submit it first after writing a part of it, but write WIP in the title to tell the project maintainer that this feature has not been completed. It is convenient for maintainers to review partially submitted code in advance. Mainly used in very large PR, submitting code in batches

-PTAL: Please Take A Look.

Used to remind others to take a look

-TBR: To Be Reviewed.

Prompt the maintainer to review

-TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read.

Too long to bother to watch. Many documents will write such a sentence before doing a brief description

-TBD: To Be Done(or Defined/Discussed/Decided/Determined).

The meaning is different according to different contexts, but generally, they are not yet settled.

-NP: No Problem.

Don’t get excited, let’s put the business together first. The other party does not praise you for “cowhide”, nor does it want to discuss with you the advanced problem of P=NP, but no problem “no problem”. Such a big person, calm down, don’t expose it.

-WFH: Work From Home.

work from home. This requires proficiency and is often used in work.

-AFAIK/AFAICT:, As Far As I Know, / As Far As I Can Tell

as far as I know

-a.k.a.: also known as

Also known as, such as GitHub (a.k.a. GayHub). It may be more common in Slack chat messages.

-TBH: To be honest.

Honestly. It often pops out abruptly, not in front of the village and behind the shop, and it is not honest at all.

-ATM: at the moment

At this stage, at first glance, I look overwhelmed. Is this an ATM or an asynchronous transmission mode?

-ACK: acknowledgment

Accept/agree, Three-way Handshake (No) should be familiar.

-RFC: request for comments

Requesting comments and writing an internal document also have to use such a historically heavy name.

-JFDI: Just Ducking Do It.